CSCR will implement a Certificate of Watershed Stewardship to our students who complete a series of projects with us over an extended period of time from middle school to high school graduation.

We believe that students who diversify and study the interconnection of humans and the natural world in Four ecosystems are students who deserve accreditation as Watershed Stewards, and are citizens capable of making informed decisions in the civic life of the communities in which they choose to live.  

Our Four ecosystems

The Built Environment, i.e., the “impervious surface” living environments that are our cities and towns;

The River Systems around which our cities and towns are built, the waterways that are the arteries in our watersheds;

The Estuaries that receive our rivers and streams- the estuaries that are often degraded by the built environment and toxins that travel downstream…

The Bays, Gulfs, and Oceans with which our estuaries exchange waters, nutrients, organisms, etc.

 Students are expected to engage in 160 hours of meaningful study and research to be eligible to receive the Certificate. 
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