The Drifters project is entering its fifth year. Students build and deploy ocean drifters that track surface currents. Current tracks are used by NOAA Oceanographer Jim Manning to build computer models that can predict direction and velocity of surface currents throughout the Gulf of Maine. This year’s sponsors include The Music Circus, Hingham Lumber, and Seams Sew Right. Each has provided support during the construction phase of the project, or during the tracking phase of the project.

Group Leaders: Russel Sears, Laura Humphrey, Jack Buckley

2014 Team:

Sail Team:
Charlotte Morrison
Alexandra Lanier
Mauve Humphrey
Erin Driscoll

R&D Team:
John Clay
Quentin Humphrey

Mast Team:
Jack Osten
Ben Buckley
Matthew Fitzpatrick



Left to right: Jack Osten, Russell Sears, Matthew Fitzpatrick, Ben Buckley

Left to right: John Clay, Quentin Humphrey

Left to right: Mauve Humphrey, Alexandra Lanier, Charlotte Morrison


Today, the crew completed one drifter. The only thing that it lacks is the GPS Unit. After a successful test of depth and maneuverability in the water, the crew disassembled the prototype.

Drifters 2012

The Drifters project is entering its third and most critical year. Students will not only calculate tidal currents using surface drifters, students will examine fresh and salt water mixing the harbor. This data is critically important to several groups in town.

Project Sites: Cohasset Harbor and Cohasset Cove

Leader: Vittali Sheremet

2012 Team:

  • Alec Norton
  • Will Broderick
  • Alexandra Lanier
  • Annie Swett
  • Callie Neaves
  • Nicholas Schubert
  • Lauren McLellan
  • Giselle Hart
  • Kylie Coffman
  • Sarah Fredey
  • Gabrielle Rioux
  • Sam Pitts

Check out the Drifter PowerPoint, created by Brian Scott and Sarah Mavilia.