CSCR Eco-expeditions & Ecotourism
Inspired by the brilliant ideas brainstormed at our 2018 Project-Based Learning Summit, CSCR is committing to developing eco-expeditions here in the Cohasset Harbor Estuary.  As our students learn about the watershed, the components of the ecosystem, the physical dynamics affecting the area, history, and elements of design, they have plenty to share with others about how to enjoy and appreciate our natural and historic environment, as our town positions itself for a sustainable future, ecologically and economically.  
By pairing this knowledge with market research and business management skills, CSCR will facilitate student teams in building the programs that can provide both jobs for graduates of CSCR and opportunities for locals and visitors to access the harbor, gain a sense-of-place, and appreciate the Coh-Assets that deserve our proud stewardship here.
We are beginning with baby steps by cautiously inviting members of the community to join some of our existing eco-expeditions, like Bike the Watershed, and our research-based Low Tide Expeditions, and getting their buy-in, feedback and sponsorship as we develop this program.  We welcome your insight and expertise, donations, or your willingness to be our laboratory rats testing the rewards of various expeditions.  Contact jbuckley at to get involved.