Eel Grass Survey

Seagrass beds are critical wetlands components of shallow coastal ecosystems throughout the state. Seagrass beds provide food and cover for a great variety of commercially and recreationally important fauna and their prey. The leaf canopy of the seagrass bed calms the water, filters suspended matter and together with extensive roots and rhizomes, stabilizes sediment. Eelgrass, Zostera marina, is the dominant seagrass present on the Massachusetts coastline. (MA DEP)

Project Sites: Cohasset Harbor eelgrass beds near Bassing Beach

Leaders: Susan Bryant, Ed Savage, and Laura Humphrey

2016 Team:

  • Jessie Adley
  • Clark Auger
  • Ellie Arnold
  • Noah Sullivan
  • David Havens
  • Andrew Havens
  • Levente Haber
  • Marcus Rowland
2015 and earlier Team Members
  • Nathan Arnold
  • Levente Haber
  • Scott Reinhardt
  • Matt Fitzpatrick
  • Alexandra Lanier
  • Nick Schubert
  • Marcus Rowland
  • Ryan McElhinney
  • Caroline Adams
  • Sophia Pitts
  • Peter Healey