Chlorophyll A Testing: Part II: Extraction



  • 90% acetone (make if necessary)
  • Self-zeroing burette
  • Glass test tubes with lids
  • Test tube rack
  • Forceps / tweezers
  1. Remove samples from freezer and allow to come to room-temperature. Work in a low-light environment.
  2. Fill self-zeroing burette with 90% acetone, ensuring there are no bubbles in the column.
  3. Using forceps / tweezers, remove filter from foil and place in test tube. Wrap foil around test tube, completely covering the test tube and leaving the earlier label visible (if not possible write new label on foil).
  4. Using burette, measure out 10 mL of 90% acetone into test tube containing filter (filter should be completely submerged). Cap test tube and place into test-tube rack.
  5. Repeat process for each filter. Once all filters have been transferred to test tubes and are submerged in 90% acetone, place rack containing all test tubes back into freezer and leave for 15-24 hours.