Learning from Coastal Systems how to adapt to Environmental Changes

Date: May 20, 2014
Time: 7-8 PM
Location: Cohasset Center for Student Coastal Research

Dr. Anamarija Frankic

Dr. Anamarija Frankic

This is a free presentation seminar and discussion event hosted by the Center for Student Coastal Research (CSCR), a non profit organization located in Cohasset on Boston’s South Shore. The CSCR educates students in environmental sciences, encourages environmental awareness, and promotes activism.

General attendance and participation is complimentary, tax deductible donations are welcome.

The 6th guest speaker of the seminar and discussion series is Dr. Anamarija Frankic, Research Professor at UMass Boston and Founder of the Green Harbors Project. Dr. Frankic will present: "Learning from Coastal Systems how to adapt to Environmental Changes".

Anamarija Frankic Biography:

Dr. Anamarija Frankic is Founder & Director of the Green Harbors Project and Research Professor at UMass Boston, as well as Adjunct Professor at the Institute of Fisheries and Oceanography in Split, Croatia. She is a Biomimicry Educational Fellow, and a Fulbright Scholar. Her educational background in biology, ecology, limnology and marine science guided her interdisciplinary work in coastal and watershed ecosystem restoration, nationally and internationally. In 2008, Anamarija and her students established the Green Boston Harbor Project to discover how urban harbors can become healthy, wealthy and sustainable, right here and now. She initiated and established the ‘living labs’ as part of the applied science education whereby students and local communities are able to ‘learn and teach by doing’ biomimicry, applying nature’s wisdom for sustainable future; her premise is that ‘our environment sets the limits for sustainable development’.