I enjoy throwing around the term, Revolution, and it's fun to write, "Welcome to the Revolution!" It expresses a passionate desire for change, but not a desire to throw the baby out with the bathwater. There are a lot of great things that smack of tradition going on in our schools that we need to preserve. It's just that there are too many other things not going on that we all want to make happen- and that's where our revolution begins. We're pulling together and Innovation Team because we recognize that we need to do a lot of things a lot better.
The Innovation Team is our voice. The Innovation Team is our community-centered, action-oriented, diverse group of students, teachers, administrators, business leaders, community stakeholders, municipal leaders, higher ed partners, and non-profit organizations who are willing to re-imagine education. So many great connections to make, and truly- so little time! Let's make it happen, together! And let's make it happen- now! 
Check out this 5 minute segment in a Getting Smart podcast I found to be helpful in thinking about this Innovation Team and the work ahead.
Designing from Scratch, most powerful (for me) around minute 23, gave me three takeaways: Zero Based Design, "progressive" education, and the social entrepreneur challenge of "effectuating up" a great idea.
Undoubtedly, you have your own favorite podcasts that inform your thinking about education models. We should start to share them.

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