pH Meter: Usage

Using the pH Meter

— Never touch the tip of the pH probe —

  1. Unless the meter has been calibrated earlier the same day, calibrate the meter.
  2. Check that the meter is displaying, 25oC, the word “Ready” and a pH value.
  3. Remove the pH probe from the buffer solution it is submerged in, and rinse with distilled water into a waste beaker.
  4. Using the clamp, submerge the pH probe at least ¾” into your sample.
  5. Gently move either the probe or sample until meter displays “ready” and a pH value for your sample. Record your pH value in both your data sheets and the pH logbook.
  6. Remove the probe from your sample and rinse with distilled water into the waste beaker. Using the clamp, submerge and secure the probe in the electrodestorage solution.
  7. Put away the distilled water and clean out the waste beaker. Leave the area surrounding the pH meter clean and organized.