Gulf River Shellfish Survey
 Levente Haber and Oliver Hobsen collecting data on shellfish
The purpose of this project is to test the water quality of the Gulf River and to understand what is growing there naturally.
What do the students do?
  • Students walk to a nearby location on the Gulf River and either kayak or snorkel. Those in kayaks use the ArcGIS mapping program to record where the snorkeling students find shellfish
  •  What is it? ArcGis is an online mapping program used by CSCR to record information such as the exact locations of shellfish, the number and type of shellfish found, and the type of material the riverbed is made up of at the location of each finding (mud, gravel, etc.). 

2016 Results
  • Six species found: Blue Mussels, Eastern Oysters, European Oysters, Quahogs, Razor Clams, Scallop (only one).
  • European Oysters were found in 72.5% of surveyed grid squares. 
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