Jack Buckley
Jack Buckley is one of the founding members of CSCR and currently serves as President. Jack came to the general field of coastal research in a very roundabout way. His journey into the science world began as a teacher in Cohasset’s Alternative School, an experiential-learning program that brought him to the waters of Cohasset in 1987. From there, he immersed himself in project-based learning activities, helped create the Summer Institute program, and convened the first board that championed the creation of CSCR. Jacks holds a B.A. in psychology from Wesleyan University and a M.A. in Education from Tufts University. In addition to overseeing the general operation of CSCR throughout the year, Jack develops research projects for and with students that utilize GIS tools and technology.

Jeff Donze-
Jeff Donze has been a board member at CSCR since 2003. Jeff is a graduate of the CHS class of 1973 and the University of Massachusetts at Amherst and spent his professional career initially as a cartographer and then as a consultant with Geographic Information Systems. An employee of ESRI since 1992, Jeff works extensively with scientists at NOAA and NASA assisting these agencies in implementing GIS technology. Jeff helped initiate the GIS system at CSCR and continues to provide mentoring in the use of GIS for environmental studies at CSCR.

Carsten Haber-
Dr. Carsten Haber is a board member at CCSCR since 2002. He obtained his PhD at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) in Switzerland in the field of analytical sciences and later worked at ThermoFisher Scientific in sensor- and instrumentation development. Carsten is assisting young device and assay companies in pharma & biotech. Dr. Haber is the creator and coordinator of CSCR’s Lecture Series, an outreach forum designed to engage the public in conversation with area experts about pressing local and global environmental concerns.

Joy Higgins-
Joy Higgins is a veteran leader in wetland monitoring projects and has been a board member since 2008. Joy holds a B.S in Biology and a M.S. in Secondary Education from Eastern Nazarene College and a M.S. in Geoscience from Mississippi State University. She has sixteen years’ of educational experience between the Rockland, Cohasset, and Wareham Public Schools. She also holds a Master Divers certification and has participated in coral reef restoration projects in the Caribbean and Pacific. Joy has spent time volunteering as a fisheries biologist with NOAA’s National Marine Fisheries Division on their spring trawls and sea scallop surveys. When she isn’t leading a group of students through the marsh, she is analyzing data and writing reports for CZM. Joy has also coordinated trips to Belize and Guatemala for students to show them the wonders of tropics.


Annette Moore-
Ms. Annette Atkinson Moore is a veteran leader of wetland monitoring projects and a new member of the board. Annette is in her thirteenth year of teaching chemistry at Scituate High School. She also has ten years’ experience in marketing management with GE Silicones Division. She obtained her M.S. in Inorganic/Analytical Chemistry at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. In addition she obtained her MBA in Marketing Management at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, NY. Ms. Moore continues to be an active project leader at CSCR while taking on the role of director of publicity, overseeing the efforts of CSCR students who write and publish articles about student research and CSCR activities and events.

Vitalii Sheremet-
Dr. Vitalii Sheremet has been a board member at CSCR since 2010. He obtained his PhD at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography in La Jolla California. He worked on projects related to ocean circulation and boundary current dynamics at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, University of Rhode Island and NOAA Woods Hole Laboratory. Dr. Sheremet leads the Drifters Team at CSCR studying water mass exchange and flushing in the Cohasset Harbor. He teaches how to use novel and simple oceanographic instruments: current meters, tide gauges, and GPS drifters. He also introduces students to python programming during data analysis.

Danielle Watson-
Danielle Watson is a first year board member but has been involved with CSCR since 2012. Danielle graduated from Massachusetts Maritime Academy in 2008 and has been working in the fields of marine and fisheries biology since receiving her degree from the Academy. Her current position requires her to embark on extended field research in Alaska where she works as a North Pacific Groundfish Observer collecting biological information aboard commercial fishing vessels. Danielle assists several CSCR research projects when she isn’t in Alaska, but her primary focus is to guide students whenever they are conducting nekton surveys. Danielle most recently coordinated the nekton survey conducted by CSCR students in the Gulf River project.

Susan Bryant- 
Susan Bryant grew up in and around Cohasset Harbor.  She studied Human Ecology at Connecticut College and Wildlife Biology at The School For Field Studies, and for five years did teacher training workshops across the country for ZPG/The Population Connection before leaving for a simple fishing village in Madagascar as Peace Corps Volunteer.  She ran NEBHE's Environmental Internship Program for two years, and then joined the world of documentary film making. After two years as Head Teacher at the experiential Ganderia Middle School, in Norway, ME, she came back to Cohasset and helps facilitate CSCR's Eelgrass Project.



Previous Board Members whose service is deeply appreciated include the following:

Steve Bobo

Kimberly Canney

Sarah Charron

Debbie Cook

Steve Daly

Bob Deutsch

Mike Dick

Chris Evans

Jackie Fitts

Susan Galligan

Lisa Hewitt

Elizabeth Laas

Karen Oronte

Judy Tedeschi