Created by student August Oddleifson

August 22, 2007


Staff Chairman, Staff Secretary, Staff Group Coordinators, and Staff members

 Staff Chairman

·         Develops and maintains a plan for the organization and operation of the CSCR student staff

·         Develops an agenda and facilitates general staff meetings

·         Acts as a liaison between the student staff and the CSCR Board; Attend CSCR board meetings

·         Delegates leadership responsibilities

·         Ensures projects undertaken by various staff members are completed


Staff Secretary

·         Takes notes during staff meetings

·         Distributes minutes to the entire staff via email and posts the minutes on the CSCR website

·         When the Secretary cannot attend meetings, he/she temporarily designates someone else to take notes and distributes the emails


Staff Group Coordinators

·         Leads the group toward goals

·         Monitors Progress of the staff group

·         Coordinates meeting times

·         Plans and runs goal oriented meetings

·         Acts as a liaison between the staff group and the Board Contact

CSCR Staff Meetings

Time: CSCR Staff Meetings take place every other week and are held on a fixed schedule, i.e., Wednesdays from 7-8:30 pm. Attendance is mandatory* in order to retain membership on the staff.        

*mandatory is defined as attending 87% of the meetings (B+ attendance rate) over a 3 month period, i.e., summer months June, July and August; first quarter of the school year, i.e. Sept, Oct, and Nov; winter months Dec, Jan, Feb; and spring months March, April, and May. Credit for attending any one meeting requires being present for a minimum of 75% of the meeting.


Description: A specific task (or multiple specific tasks) will be chosen for each staff meeting. The student(s) in charge of the task(s) will have a leadership role in planning and running the meeting. CSCR Board members who correspond with the task will be encouraged to attend.


Operations, Equipment Management, Public Relations, Facility Management


Group: Operations A


·        Provides recognition to donors

·        Explores new methods of raising money

·        Contributes to the annual financial report

Grant Management

·        Seeks new grant opportunities

·        Ensures that current Grant requirements are being satisfied

·        Maintains communication between CSCR and sponsoring organizations

Event Planning

·         Responsible for planning various CSCR events throughout the year (cookouts, etc.)

·        Discusses the event(s) at CSCR staff meetings

Group: Operations B


·        Works with an adult board member to learn CSCR’s financial software: Quickbooks

·        Manages CSCR’s finances throughout the year

·        Contributes to the annual financial report


·        Works with an adult board member to learn CSCR’s legal requirements


Participant Contact Info

·        Gathers, organizes, and distributes participant contact info

·        Creates participant contact lists for each project

Group: Equipment Management

Lab Equipment/Protocols

·        Arranges lab equipment in a productive and efficient manner

·        Maintains lab equipment (periodic maintenance and cleaning)

·        Orders new supplies for lab equipment

·        Provides written instructions at each lab station

 IT Maintenance

·        Maintains CSCR’s network, website, and computer systems

·        Works to increase efficiency and security

·        Organizes data storage


Other Equipment

·        Maintains other essential CSCR equipment (including phone system, refrigerator, copier, clocks, etc.)

Group: Public Relations


·        Publishes a quarterly newsletter 


Weekly Article

·        Publishes frequent articles in the Cohasset Mariner that highlights CSCR’s recent activity



·        Works with IT group to develop and maintain a useful website that provides information to students volunteers as well as the general public


Group:  Facility Management


·        Organizes, maintains, and furnishes the interior of the CSCR building

·        Creates a workable CSCR office on the third floor

·        Aims to increase productivity as well as aesthetics



·        Organizes and maintains the exterior of the CSCR building

·        Aims to increase productivity as well as aesthetics



·        Organizes and maintains the basement level of the CSCR building


Green Team

  • Transitions CSCR into an environmentally friendly organization