We ask that each and every student create a sheet on one shared Google doc, the 2017 Student Research Time Sheet.
Students are responsible for maintaining an accurate log of their research and stewardship activities.  EVERYTHING you do belongs on the sheet, including the time at home you spend on-line reading and researching environmental issues RELATED to the project(s) you're involved in. Likewise, log time you spend learning about how we, humans, are "inextricably connected" to water- from the rain that falls and fills the ponds and reservoirs we use for household water to the fresh and salt waters we play in and depend upon for food and oxygen (notes: 1. "inextricably connected" means that we can't break the connection if we wanted, we're unable to untie, or undo the connection; 2. see NOAA's principles of ocean literacy  for more information).  
We also ask that you maintain a composition notebook journal.  That journal should also be a record of where you make notes about the project(s) you're working on, and where you add notes from research and reading that you do on your own, simply because you wanted to (as described above).  
Remember, the time sheet and the journal go hand-in-hand.  The time sheet is used to track your hours while the journal is used to document the actual thinking you're doing; without the journal, the time sheet loses a lot of its value.
And as you build and strengthen your knowledge, you'll start to amaze yourself that you'll begin to look at things like this graph below and say, wow, that's really cool!  The students who did this work last summer really accomplished a lot- look how good their data was... that's lit!  :)