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Multiple Positions Available!
Research Teams forming now.
Eelgrass Research Assistants Wanted: Help document the extent and health of eelgrass beds; kayak and snorkel work; lab work, GIS (geographic information systems, i.e., computer-based mapping) work.
Biodiversity Research Assistant Opportunity: Under the direction of Dr. Sara Grady (MassBays's regional coordinator), this position calls for learning field and lab protocols for assessing the quantity and quality of macro invertebrates that live on and in the mud in Cohasset Harbor. This research will inform us about the health of our harbor's ecosystem.
Engineering Positions Available in Physical Oceanography: Design and Build surface current drifters equipped with salinity and temperature probes to assess circulation patterns, or flow of salt and fresh waters that swirl throughout the harbor.
Water Quality Chemists and Microbiologists needed, too: Conduct bacteria monitoring and chemical analyses of the watershed from the fresh water that feeds Cohasset Harbor to the ocean water that refreshes our swimming beaches.
Eco-Tourism Guides, Business Interns, and Marketing Assistants: This is a great opportunity to get in on the ground floor as CSCR launches a student-led ecotourism business initiative.
Architectural Design Interns: Needed to work with local, professional architects to create professional-calibre schematics and drawings that re-design CSCR as a research facility and community meetinghouse.
History Research Assistants Needed: Working with local history enthusiasts and Historical Society resources, interns are needed to create a Skippers’ Guide to the Cohasset Coastline, a project offered in collaboration with Cohasset250, Cohasset Historical Society and CMI (Cohasset Maritime Institute).
Data Science and GIS Analysts Wanted: Work on CSCR's Marine Debris Project to provide the public with compelling pictures (maps, drone video) of the extent of plastic pollution in our oceans and along our beaches.
CSCR is now "hiring" in all of these positions. We seek individuals between the ages of 12 - 20 to take advantage of these opportunities.
All of this is available to students for only $475. That's a membership fee of only $8.80/hr for the Research Assistants who meet our goal of 54 hours of Research. Those who do are eligible for recognition as Environmental Stewards.
Due to our need to organize our staff and equip our research teams now, Membership fees are increasing on after May 17, and again after June 1.
After May 17 Membership is $500.
After June 1, Membership is $540 (10/hr for 54 hours- still the best deal in this entire south shore region, given what we offer and the benefits students derive.)

Welcome to the CSCR community of learners!   
Your annual high school researcher membership fee
entitles you to actively participate in
and as many of them as you want!  
Find benthic (eelgrass, shellfish, and low tide mud) research
on the benthic calendar, and all other projects on this schedule.  
You can pay via paypal or check to CSCR.
Student researchers who meet our goal of 54 hours of research time in the field and lab get an educational experience that equals a whole term of science instruction during the school year. They can petition the schools to accept this work as credit. 

Why CSCR has the best return on investment

CSCR students have numerous opportunities throughout the year to work with professional scientists, attend professional science conferences, present their research to professional scientists and community stakeholders, and build of host of college and career readiness skills that last a lifetime!
Student researchers who meet our summer goal of 54 hours of research time in the field and lab (one quarter of school-year science class) pay less than $9/hr for an educational experience that equals a whole term of science instruction during the school year!
Did you do
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Feel free to email us about your interest, or Independent Project ideas! 
CSCR’s membership fee entitles students to participate in programming all year long! 
These experiences provide great topics for
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