"Your students are providing a needed service to the town of Cohasset"

-Cohasset Board of Health, August 2015

The Junior Marsh Monitors Program, Parent Testimonial:  

"I’m so glad someone recommended this program to us! It was the highlight of my son’s summer. I've told everyone I know what an amazing program you run. Thank you so much! (August, 2015)
                          High School Program, Parent Testimonial via email:
"Hi Jack, I wanted to let you know that [my son] was awarded a substantial scholarship from Assumption College. It's based on community service and he used his experience at CSCR in his scholarship essay and application.   My wife and  I think CSCR has been a great experience and the scholarship is the icing on the cake. I know the program has positively impacted a lot of kids and you should add [our son] to that list."  - February, 2017