Melinda Dignam, United Water Intern, Cohasset waste water treatment plant; NPDES water quality compliance team: 
"... I was offered a research position on campus at USC with a stipend! (couldn’t pass up such a great offer) I was competing with two other sophomores for the position (one was my lab partner!!!!!) and the professor said he really liked that I had prior experience in wastewater as the research is on the complexation of copper in seawater and how it affects biological life. I am pretty confident that the internship at United Water was one of the factors in choosing me over the other candidates and that I am hoping to pursue working with water in the future (as I am sure professors wants to take on students with an interest in the subject). It’s crazy how everything comes full circle, and you are the one who showed me the internship at WWTF! (April 2015)
Dom Brennan, Wetland Monitoring Team, Parker Ave Clean Up Leader, Junior Marsh Monitors Counselor:  I arrived in Knoxville on the 31st of July (2015), having spent a few days in Philadelphia and Charlottesville during the drive down. I am really excited to be down here, it is a 
great little city with so much going on and, relatively, easy access to some amazing hiking! I spent the first few days of August hiking in the Smokies before starting on the 4th. Thank you so much for all of the advice and education over the years. I am hard pressed to find another mentor that has so directly influenced how I have chosen to live - with never ending passion and commitment to environmentalism, community and education.  This past week was the first actual week, whereas the prior was the do's and do not's of AmeriCorps; I will be working under Knox County Stormwater as part of their Water Quality Team. Essentially, I will be doing both public outreach and education of water quality issues in the local watersheds with 8th - 10th graders, as well as testing and engaging in remediation service projects.  I know that this wasn't the program for which you wrote a recommendation, however when I was accepted to this one it just seemed to fit a whole lot more. I have caught myself thinking that it's CSCR's Knoxville office.  
Ashley Howard, NPDES Water Quality Team, Parker Ave Clean Up Leader, Lab Manager, and Henry David Thoreau Scholar: 
  University of Michigan, Graduate School