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During the spring:

CSCR high school students are convening with their summer research teams to analyze their data and present their findings in our signature event, The State of the Harbor, which will be on May 2. We look forward to your authentic participation.
Middle Schoolers continue to meet on Tuesdays, from 3:30-5:30, with Susan Bryant. They have been studying Bassing Beach Island and whether it will bounce 
back after being washed over by last winter’s storms, and are exploring the shellfish populations of the area. New students are still welcome.
Adults can support innovative education on our Innovation Team, by mentoring students, or by supporting CSCR financially. If you'd like to help please contact And don't forget to add our our Upcoming Events  to your calendar.

Summer Sign-ups: 

Middle Schoolers -- for students in, or entering, grades 6, 7 or 8, we meet 10:00 am until noon each summer weekday morning, from July 8-August 16.  
Our middle school researchers in the Junior Research Program are examining the resiliency of Bassings Beach dunes, and cataloging local shellfish and biodiversity.  Choose the dates you wish to attend.  Click here for more information on the Junior Research program.  
Afternoon sessions may be added if there is sufficient interest.
High school students -- CSCR offers a variety of real-world research projects for you, scheduled at various times.  Your student researcher registration enables you to participate in as many of these as you wish, so feel free to give something new a try! Jump fully in and emerge with impressive skills and knowledge to put on your future job and college applications.
 CSCR Current Ongoing Research Projects

Upcoming opportunities for students, teachers and people who care about our local coast and experiential education are publicized via emails from Cohasset Center for Student Coastal Research, if you are on our mailing list, and by REMIND text messages which you can sign up for by texting "@cscr" to the number 81010. You can find us on facebook, twitter and instagram @cohassetcscr and in the Cohasset Mariner.
Reports and photos of this year's summer research projects will be up soon. They include
  • Watershed & Water Quality,
  • Marine Debris
  • Drifters for Monitoring Local and Ocean Currents,
  • Board of Health Bacteria Testing,
  • Eelgrass
  • Shellfish Surveys
  • GIS, and independent studies on Ocean Acidification, Pollution in the Gulf River, and Phragmites Surveys.
  • Our middle school researchers in the Junior Research Program examined the resiliency of our barrier beach, and began cataloging local biodiversity.
We will be hosting another State of the Harbor event May 2, 2019 where students authentically share their findings with the public.
We welcome your participation in creating a vibrant community for this coast. Join us!
If you join us in being grateful for outdoor experiences and science research, for having the freedom to explore, for a great harbor and estuary to access, please consider funding CSCR programs. We also welcome guest lecturers, activity leaders, administrative services, advisors, maintenance help and mentors.