CSCR Winter Opportunities

State of the Harbor, Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary Recognition, and GIS Training

December, 2021

Questions: contact Susan Bryant or Jack Buckley

Research Portfolio and Presentation Workshops for high school students : These workshops are open to two groups of students- those students who conducted research during the summer and new high school students who want to get involved with CSCR. These workshop sessions provide the time and space our Varsity Research students need to organize team data, create charts and graphs, describe and visualize data, create photo essays, edit film, build a portfolio, and prepare to present team findings at CSCR’s State of the Harbor community forum.

These workshops allow students to transform their exciting summer experience at CSCR into products that impress Science Department Chairs, Guidance Counselors, school Principals, College Admissions officers, scholarship committees, college professors, and even future employers. These sessions are also a great time for new students to learn about CSCR and earn service hours by diving right into project work with Varsity Research peers.

Middle School Program: The Middle School program meets year round as the intrepid program leader, Susan Bryant, continues to craft opportunites for middle school students to explore, wonder, and study the natural beauty of Cohasset Harbor. Susan engages students with a mix of appropriate outdoor, shoreside adventures and immersive research activities that keep students connected to understanding the varied habitats that make up the Bassings Beach ecosystem. Students may take their enthusiasm for tech and apply it to making maps, videos and presentations of observations and data collected throughout the year. Both new and experienced students are welcome. Generally meets Tuesdays 3:30-5:30. Contact Susan Bryant to make sure your family is on her mailing list.

Mapping CSCR Data: This project is geared for those participants who want to dive deeper into learning GIS skills in order to create mapping products that inform the public about the data collected by students this past summer. Contact Jack Buckley.

Interesting Futures — career spotlights program: Hear from professionals who love their work about their jobs/volunteer work and career paths. What are interesting roles in the world for people interested in the UN Sustainable Development Goals? What are these jobs like? How might one get there? What classes should I take? Ask questions by zoom (if connection works) or in person. This is a free evening program open to all students and young professionals. Please sign up for our newsletter to be alerted.