Spring Research

Jr. Research Program (meets Tuesdays, 3:45-5:45) 

The Junior Research Spring Program typically meets Tuesdays from 3:45-5:45 at CSCR, 40 Parker Avenue, Cohasset. This spring, the Jr program will continue to be run by the exceptionally talented ecologist and equally passionate educator, Susan Bryant, but it will be a virtual Susan Bryant who Zooms with the Juniors.   

In general, our program is open to students in grades 6, 7, or 8. Most Jr Researchers choose to stay engaged all year long.  The current group continuing from fall and winter meetings are great kids to get to know and will catch you right up if you are new.  All are welcome to bring new friends too. 

The program responds to student interest as much as possible, but we are starting from a base of exploring the role of our harbor’s barrier beach, which we’ve been investigating since last summer.  We use ARCGIS to map our discoveries, and figure out ways to display our findings, so that we can bring them to the broader community both online and as a touchable local and possibly traveling exhibit. Even though it is no longer summer, we still don’t guarantee to not look like the kids in a laundry detergent commercial when we’re done for the day, as we respond to curious questions about shellfish, mud, or get involved in painting our displays.  So bring weather-appropriate clothing and watershoes. 

Our students understand they are a community of researchers capable of respectfully collaborating with classmates who share a passion for projects and discovery of the wonders and beauty of our coastal ecosystem.  We have a core of incredibly great kids, with an excellent sense of adventure and spirited inquiry, and we welcome new additions.  Many of CSCR’s Junior Researcher students have gone on to amazing careers in part because of their experience in this program. 

The sessions are normally $32.50 each. Please email susangbryant at yahoo.com if you have any problems with the registration, carpooling, or if you want to help solve problems, or for any other questions.

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Jr. Reseachers Nick Hoadley, Isabelle LaBash, Rosie Harrison, Carl Fernald working in the CSCR lab.