Half Marathon Support to Fund Teacher Workshops for GIS Instruction!

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CSCR is pleased to announce that Dr. Thomas Mueller (Ph.D., GISP, GeoEdC), a professor of Geography and Geospatial Technology at California University of Pennsylvania, is running a half marathon (spring, 2022; site TBD) to support CSCR’s GIS teacher training workshops.  

While everyone knows a half marathon is a tick over 13 miles, not everyone knows that it’s about 600 miles from CSCR (just south of Boston) to Cal U of PA (southwestern PA). Were Dr Mueller to run all the way from Cal U to CSCR (essentially, Pittsburgh to Boston), and then back home, he crank out over 1200 miles of running!

Our target fundraiser goals, therefore, are to raise $1200 among those who know Dr Mueller and his work in the Cal U of PA community (and beyond), and to raise $1200 (or more) from those who know CSCR. Each group undoubtedly knows how important GIS education and training is in our world today. 

For every $600 raised, CSCR can engage 12 teachers in modestly-stipended training workshops. For every $600 raised, CSCR can hold  4-session GIS training modules for scores of students (via video conferencing). 

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How did this come about? How did CSCR become connected with Dr. Mueller?

When CSCR’s Jack Buckley enrolled this fall (October 2021) in a geospatial technology education program, he found himself in a teacher cohort guided by Dr. Mueller and colleagues at GeoTech, the National Geospatial Technology Center of Excellence, And as soon as the Skipper from Cohasset met the Clipper from Norwell (Dr Mueller), the idea to collaborate was born. 

Dr. Mueller then kindly offered to lend a hand raising money, and they decided that the best use of funds in this collaboration would advance GeoSpatial / GIS teacher workshops for educators in Tom’s native South Shore. 

Credit Dr. Mueller for wanting to “give back to my home” in a way that allows his passion for GeoSpatial Thinking and GeoSpatial Education to be shared with South Shore teachers who want to put GIS tools (Geographic Information Systems) in the hands of students. 

Dr. Mueller can be reached at