Give 5

CSCR’s Give Five Campaign

Give Five Hours of your energy/ social capital/ expertise per year, per season, per month, or even per week

whatever fits your life, interests, or expertise!

Help us build awareness about who we are, what we do, the great programs we offer, and the value we provide to students and stakeholders. 

Help us Build Our…

  • Branding – Marketing, Outreach, Building Awareness, Reach, etc; Social Media presence
  • Information Technology – Hardware/software- server, laptops, data management system; Web and email platform
  • Education Technology – Learning Management System, Badges, microcredentials, GIS, CODING (Python), etc
  • STE(A)M Education Standards – Mapping learner expectations and outcomes; learner evidence
  • Project Management Skills – Hold student workshops; teach proj management; networking / social capital; “show me”
  • Lab Management – Chief Scientific Officer / PI / operation, management, equipment, partner with research institutions
  • Fundraising – Grants, Foundations, Donors; capital and strategic planning campaigns
  • Events – Build, Manage and Publish our calendar – Keep us focused on most important events (i.e., World Oceans, GIS Day)
  • Student Staff – Grow, nurture, manage our Student Staff
  • Volunteer base – Grow, nurture, manage, coordinate volunteer days, activities (local tradespeople, corporations, individuals)

Please email Birgit Schmidt, our Volunteer Coordinator, at if you would like to contribute in any way.

Also, please check out our Wish List.