Give 5

GIVE 5 is a three step process: Audit, Recommend, and Mentor.

First Step: We need you to GIVE 5 hours of your professional time and talent to AUDIT our current status or practices in the areas below.

Second Step: We need you to GIVE 5 hours of your time and talent to REPARE RECOMMENDATIONS or practices to implement.

Third Step: GIVE us 5 MORE to help implement the recommendations by MENTORING a student or an adult volunteer to take ownership of implementing your recommendations.

YES, it’s a lot of giving, but we’re worth it and our students are worthy of learning from you!

  • Building Maintenance Audit and Renovation Schedule
  • School-Community Collaborations throughout the South Shore
  • Marketing and Social Media presence
  • Information Technology Infrastructure
  • Research Data Management Systems
  • Learning Management System and Curriculum
  • Capital and strategic planning campaigns
  • Lab Management Protocols, Practices, and Growth
  • Annual Reporting and Stakeholder Accountability
  • Capacity to Engage our Donors
  • Event Planning and Calendar Management
  • Volunteer Engagement
  • Grant Management and Grant Writing

Please email Birgit Schmidt, our Volunteer Coordinator, at if you would like to contribute in any way.

Also, please check out our Wish List.