Collaboration is a living being; it’s organic. It evolves over time spans both short and long in the life of an institution. Collaboration looks different, too. Each time a partnership is ignitied, it blossoms in its own unique form, for each partner colors the colaboration with its individuality. Consequently, each partnership adapts to take on new forms as it grows, and evolves.
Current iterations of partnerships and collaborations include the following.

NOTE: This page is under construction (September 2023)


  • NOAA’s BWET grant program
  • Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary
  • the North Atlantic Regional Team (NART); see CSCR’s Sept 2023 presentation to the NART CSCR and NART will be collaborating to create a NOAA Scientist-in-Residence program.

UMASS Global and UMASS Boston

Stonehill College and MIT Sea Grant

Schools and Municipal Agencies

  • Town of Cohasset’s Town Boards and Commissions
  • Cohasset Public Schools
  • Scituate, Hull, Weymouth and Archbishop Williams High School

Local Organizations

  • Gulf Association
  • Straits Pond Association
  • North River Watershed Association
  • South Shore Art Center
  • South Shore YMCA
  • Holly Hill Farm
  • Cohasset Conservation Trust

Research Institutions

  • Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary, NOAA, US Dept. of Commerce
  • NOAA Marine Debris Program
  • NOAA BWET Program
  • MA Dept. of Environmental Protection
  • Mass Bays Program
  • EPA Region 1
  • MIT Sea Grant
  • Coastal Zone Management

Education Institutions

  • NExt, Northeastern University
  • Mass IDEAS
  • UMass Boston’s School for the Environment