Project LEAD

Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Agency, and Design Thinking

CSCR’s work with our school partners and with nationally recognized educational leaders tells us that students need engaging and authentic learning experiences to forge connections to a diverse and changing world. What if we helped our students address our most pressing problems and make meaningful contributions to society- right now, right here in our own community? CSCR’s Project LEAD is that opportunity!

CSCR’s Project LEAD will help students:

CSCR’s Project LEAD course content is informed by CSCR’s philosophy of “Power of Place” and our community engagement with entrepreneurs to build a student-led and student-managed “EcoExpeditions” program at CSCR. Course content will develop students as leaders for this initiative as well as prepare students to see and act upon other opportunities in our community to address pressing global concerns. Students who complete CSCR’s Project LEAD program will be well positioned for future leadership roles, internships, and jobs.

CSCR’s Project LEAD takes place on Thursdays from 3:30-5:30. First meeting takes place on Sept 12 and the program continues for 8 weeks. Last meeting is Nov 7. (There is no meeting on Thurs Oct 31, Halloween.)

The cost of CSCR’s 8 week program is $145. (There is no cost for fall students who have paid the CSCR membership fee.)