Jack Buckley is one of the founding members of CSCR and currently serves as President. Jack came to the general field of coastal research in a very roundabout way. His journey into the science world began as a teacher in Cohasset’s Alternative School, an experiential-learning program that brought him to the waters of Cohasset in 1987. From there, he immersed himself in project-based learning activities, helped create the Summer Institute program, and convened the first board that championed the creation of CSCR. Jacks holds a B.A. in psychology from Wesleyan University and a M.A. in Education from Tufts University. In addition to overseeing the general operation of CSCR throughout the year, Jack develops research projects for and with students that utilize GIS tools and technology. 


Susan Bryant grew up in and around Cohasset Harbor. She studied Human Ecology at Connecticut College and Wildlife Biology at The School For Field Studies, and for five years did teacher training workshops across the country for ZPG/The Population Connection before leaving for a simple fishing village in Madagascar as Peace Corps Volunteer. She ran NEBHE’s Environmental Internship Program for two years, and then joined the world of documentary film making. After two years as Head Teacher at the experiential Ganderia Middle School, in Norway, ME, she came back to Cohasset and helps facilitate CSCR’s Eelgrass Project.