State of the Harbor

CSCR’s Signature Community Outreach and Education Event — where our students shine and the community learns

CSCR student research teams present their findings to the community and stake holders. In years when we meet in person, guests would visit each group to learn about our eelgrass meadows, harbor currents, indicators of watershed pollution, trash patterns, what lives out beyond the flats, shellfish populations, and whether Bassing Beach island is on the move.   Beginning in 2020, we moved our State of the Harbor event to Zoom, with plenty of opportunities to interact and comment at the end.

2021 State of the Harbor Event

Save the Zoom Date: April 1, and sign up for our emails for details regarding State of the Harbor.

As our students work hard to crunch their 2020 data to present their findings to you, CSCR asks for your generous financial donations to sponsor the State of the Harbor event.

2020 State of the Harbor Zoom

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