State of the Harbor

CSCR’s Signature Community Outreach and Education Event where our students shine and the community learns

CSCR student research teams present their findings to the community and stake holders. Visit each group to learn about our harbor currents, what lives out beyond the flats, what indicators of pollution can be found in our watershed, what kind of trash is most abundant, shellfish findings, and whether Bassing Beach island is on the move.   

Click here to watch the 2020 State of the Harbor Zoom Presentation

State of the Harbor 2019

Student Projects Represented: Beach Bacteria for Board of Health, Coastsweep and Marine Debris, Ocean Current Drifters, Eelgrass, Watershed, Gulf River Water Quality, Shellfish Survey, Junior Researchers — Bassing Beach, Saltmarshes, Mudflats and their populations

Here are just a few of the comments from the 2019 State of the Harbor Forum written in response to the keynote address by Dr. Patrick Sullivan, the rising Supt of Cohasset Public Schools (July 1).

“I liked his amazing out of the box approach to utilizing the town’s assets in education.”

” I liked how he talked about hands-on learning. More hands-on education could be a great benefit to our academic performance.” (8th grade student)

“I liked the ideas to collaborate more with the schools and to help connect the town of Cohasset to the schools a bit more.” – a student

“I liked the connection between the schools and the harbor.” Tim Davis

“I liked learning about the SEL components- it’s really important to gain those skills because if you can’t function that way, it doesn’t matter what you know.”

“I liked hearing about the important role of communication and collaboration in solving environmental problems.”

“Having a collaboration between CHS and CSCR is invaluable. If kids had more time- independent study- to have real world tech/ science/ real world experiences, then a large amount of kids would create a personal project. Having an independent study time during school- kids are very busy!