We know that some families have been hit harder than others by both health and economic impacts of the pandemic. Therefore, we are asking all summer 2020 research families to support our educational programs at a level that is commensurate with family ability and commensurate with the quantity of stewardship and research experiences CSCR is providing to your student(s).

  • $35 / session is our “pay as you go” level of support for families that prefer this option.
  • $120 makes your family a sustaining steward; sustaining stewards are those who support us continually at a modest level of $10 per month.  
  • $250 makes your family a member of our nurturing stewardship group; nurturing stewards are those who make an annual contribution at this level. 
  • $450 has been our  summer high school program tuition in normal times. We typically ask families who enroll a student in one of our standard research projects to support us at this level. A standard project is one that meets for 2-3 hours, 2-3 times per week for 7 or more weeks.
  • $540 makes your family a member of our academic stewardship program. To earn academic recognition for their research, we ask students to assemble a “54 hour portfolio” that showcases their field and lab research, data analyses, and understandings. The magic number of 54 hours is derived from the time a student typically spends in one science class for approximately 9 weeks (one quarter or one term in a high school academic calendar). 
  • $750 was our full-year high school program tuition that takes us through presenting our research to stakeholders at our springtime State of the Harbor Event; so is called our Stakeholder stewardship level.
  • $1,000 or more makes you and your family research stewards, and allows us to equip our research teams with field, lab, tech tools and appropriate staff.
  • >$1,000 contributors become CSCR’s strategic and cultural stewards, who allow CSCR to take action on long term strategic goals, including building improvements and reaching more students regardless of systemic inequities or how their individual families are weathering current events.
Your Donation