Program Fees

Our goal is to serve all students and meet family needs. Please contact for more information.

Varsity Research

Suggested Tuition: $540  CSCR expects students to be engaged for 6 or more summer weeks, 9 hours per work for a target total of 54 hours. Students who meet or exceed this target reap CSCR’s exceptionally hiqh quality services at an extremely modest hourly equivalent of only $10.  Varsity students have access to all CSCR programs and offerings year-round, as well as access to guidance regarding research and community projects. Note: 54 hours is the total time a student spends in one science class during one quarter in a school that follows a typical block schedule.

CSCR’s Summer Middle School Program 

The academic year CSCR Middle School Program requests a participation fee of $32.50 per session.