Program Fees


Varsity Research

$765 is our family contribution requested for each student engaged in our Varsity Research program.

Fee Details

$540  CSCR expects students to be engaged for 6 or more summer weeks, 9 hours per work for a target total of 54 hours. Students who meet the or exceed the target pay only a nominal fee for participation. *54 hours is the total time a student spends in one science class during one quarter in a school that follows a typical block schedule.

$75  Membership Fee (Equipment, Insurance, Technology)

$150  Academic Portfolio fee, including year round access to CSCR coaching and workshops.  

Note: Financial support for families in need is available; please inquire. We also welcome conversations about affordability for families with more than one child in our program. Our goal is to serve all students and meet family needs as best we can. 

CSCR’s Summer Middle School Program 

The CSCR Middle School Program will soon be posting fees for the whole summer program, for weekly enrollment, and for per session enrollment.