TUITION 2021- Looking ahead

We know that some families have been hit harder than others by both health and economic impacts of the pandemic. We know that we all look forward to getting back to normal in 2021, but that we are still in the recovery process.

As we did in 2020, we are asking our 2021 research families to support our educational programs at a level that is commensurate with family ability while also acknowledging the quality of experience CSCR is providing for families. 

  • $35 / session is our “pay as you go” level of support for families that prefer this option.
  • $120 is equivalent to the donation level of our “sustaining stewards,” those who pledge support at a modest level of $10 per month.  
  • $250 doubles this level of support.
  • $540 is our standard high school tuition for each student engaged in one sustained CSCR research project. These are our “varsity science” research initiatives. These are the projects that require student dedication, as all members of the research team are highly engaged and dependent upon one another. Our varsity science team members earn academic recognition for their research; we require students to assemble a “54 hour portfolio” that showcases their field and lab research, data analyses, and published understandings, among other artifacts. Academic recognition for one research cycle frequently culminates when students participate in our State of the Harbor Community Forum, yet other signature events also function as capstone moments for students. (The magic number “54,” by the way, is the total time a student spends in one science class during one quarter in a school that follows a typical block schedule.)  
  • $1,000 is the tuition for a family with two or more high school students enrolled in our varsity science program. 
Click this link to pay tuition on the PayPal platform, or use the QR code below.