The Center for Student Coastal Research, (CSCR) is the regional leader in actively engaging students in hands-on, environmental research that builds awareness of and promotes stewardship of our natural resources. At the forefront of environmental education we nurture future leaders, and encourage independent thinking and innovation. 

This is what we do best at CSCR. Join our community work.

Outdoor Science 2021

Registration for our Summer 2021 programs for High school students is now open. Please click here to find out more. Middle school student information will be announced soon. Sign up here to receive updates. 
Each year, students from the Center for Student Coastal Research present their research on Water Quality, Eelgrass, Shellfish, Beach Bacteria and more at CSCR’s State of the Harbor event. Community Members are welcome to come learn and ask questions. Click the image to view.
Help us build the environmental education programs that inspire youth to create the sustainable and just communities our world needs.

Community Members: please share your concerns and research questions with us.  We are grateful for your support.

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