Varsity Research

Varsity Research Teams are small groups of high school students dedicated to completing a research project. Our 30+ years of experience engaging students in authentic, community-driven research has taught us that smaller cohorts function best. Varsity Research students, therefore, are committed to the research team– just as varsity athelets are committed to a team.
Varsity Research teams mimic the work of professional scientists, much the same as varsity athletes aspire to emulate professional performance. We hold the same aspirations for our students– conduct research the same way that real scientists in the real world do their work. This means mistakes are expected; problems are anticipated, though what they look like when they actually appear are rarely predictable. Outcomes aren’t guaranteed. But, one perseveres. The same is true for sports.
As one of our recent graduates told us, 

“CSCR has definitely shaped how I view learning. For a while I thought that learning was only measured by tests or quizzes, but by being a part of CSCR, I learned that learning is about making mistakes and problem solving to reach your goals. I also love how collaborative and student-led the CSCR environment is. It has taught me really good listening skills and leadership skills and those will definitely be helpful for my future academic career. CSCR is an experience that very few kids my age have been lucky enough to be a part of, and I’m so thankful for all the things I’ve learned, the people I’ve met, and the things I’ve accomplished. Thank you again for an amazing 5 years!”  

The bulk of Varsity Research takes place during the summer, but kicks off with spring meetings. Fall and winter meetings follow summer research so that teams are prepared to present their findings at our spring time State of the Harbor Community Forum. This is the simply the research cycle, the authentic rhythm of professional research teams. 
If this is the right fit for you, please register today. Students may join a Varsity Research team at any time of the year! 

The cyclical rhythm of our program: 

Spring Orientation:
  • Orientation typically takes place mid May, after most AP exams have been taken. Orientation is mandatory for all varsity research students. We also encourage parents to attend, for we will be reviewing important school credit information, among other important opportunities and obligations, as well as CSCR practices, culture, and expectations.
Summer Research
  • We aim to have a full head of research steam by June 1, as we welcome our college interns, but our high school program start date typically adjusts to the realities of the academic year end date. We always hope that we have at least 7-10 days with students before the 4th of July. We typically hold a wrap up event in late August just before the back to school movement kicks in. In 2023, our wrap up event took place on Monday, August 21. 
  • A typical summer research week (below) shows the rhythm of research team meetings.

    Fall Certifications