Middle School Program

Spring and Summer 2023

Each year, CSCR’s Middle School Program morphs into what is right for the group; yet, the thread that provides consistency is real-world environmental education that supports and encourages youngsters to become the next generation of environmental stewards.  

The program is run by the exceptionally talented ecologist and equally passionate educator, Susan Bryant. Part artist, part scientist, all humanist, and a great leader of middle school students, Susan engages her young scientists in understanding our harbor’s environmental assets — salt marshes, eelgrass beds, shellfish beds, dunes & barrier beach, — and the underwater diversity, serenity, and aesthetics of the ecosystems surrounding us.

Our experience tells us that this youthful cohort is eager for opportunities to form a community of researchers capable of respectfully collaborating with peers who share a passion for the discovery of the wonders and beauty of our coastal ecosystem.  The program is open to students rising into grades 6, 7, or 8. 

Students will:

  • Gain a better understanding of the delicate balance between our fragile ecosystem and human interaction with the ecosystem
  • Learn valuable skills in scientific observation, data collection, and environmental stewardship 

For information about Spring or Summer opportunities for students, reach out directly to Susan at sbryant@ccscr.org.

Spring Tuesdays

Each Tuesday, 4:00 – 5:30, Susan will lead small cohorts of middle school students in a variety of learning adventures and expeditions.

The fee for each session is $37.50. However, a family can purchase sessions in bundles of 3 for $100. Sessions will only run when 3 or more students have registered for any one particular session.    

Click to open the Spring Tuesdays Middle School Registration Form.

Summer Calendar

The calendar image below (click to open) illustrates Middle School opportunities for summer 2023.

Sharp yellow highlights our varied and often multifaceted Middle School research explorations. These take place Monday – Thursday from 10-12. Each week offers a variety of activities- minnow and green crab trapping, eelgrass habit investigations, marine debris studies, plankton tows, shellfish surveys, getting wet, and much more!

Families can sign up for as many weeks as they wish. These sessions run from Tues July 10 – Thursday Aug 17. (We have a tentatively scheduled 7th week, Aug 21-24, should interest be keen.)

Additionally, Susan Bryant is leading 4 sessions uniquely designed for girls and women in the sciences. Families interested in knowing more about these sessions should contact Susan directly at sbyrant@ccscr.org.

Light yellow highlights times in which we run ad hoc ecology expeditions. These offer additional opportunities for middle school students to participate in our research. These will be announced throughout the season, and families sign up for these expeditions as they are announced.

Summer Fees

Core Middle School program: The fee for each week is $140. Sign up is by week. We anticipate small cohorts of students ranging from 6-12 students.

Friday sessions for Girls for Women: Each session is $45, or $160 or all 4. Sessions will run when a minimum of 6 students are enrolled.

Click to access the REGISTRATION Form for Summer 2023 Middle School Programs.

Middle School Opportunities during the Academic Year

During the school year, we generally schedule middle school student activities in the same fashion as described above, Spring Tuesdays. Our academic year sessions also run on Tuesdays, from 3:30-5:00. As we do with Spring Tuesdays, we use a pay-per-session approach for the academic year program. The fee for each session is $37.50.

Junior Researchers’ ArcGIS Map of Bassings Beach Island