CSCR offers real-world project-based learning in the form of local research projects for students in grades 6-12+.

Spring 2021 Opportunities:

All last summer’s students should be planning to join their team in presenting their 2020 summer research at our April 1 State of the Harbor Zoom event. To prepare to do so, please contact your project’s supervisor:,, or Doc T for team meeting times.

This is how you get great content for your college, scholarship and employment applications. Get involved and find a role that makes your personality shine.

Students who want to be 2021 Varsity Researchers this coming summer and beyond — get ready to commit to great opportunities this summer. If you are entering grade 9-12 this summer and have an idea for research please consider writing it up in the form of an application to the Marjot Foundation (deadline is April 20). Please note you can apply independently or as a team, and you can ask us for help and to be your project mentor.

Even if you don’t win the grant, the mere submission of a well-written application makes you impressive!

High school or Middle School students who did not participate in summer 2020 research who would like to get involved this Spring, please email and, and sign up for our emails to catch good opportunities.

If you are not sure exactly what you want to do, we advise you to start a document where you can put your notes about what you like/dislike, what you wonder about, skills you might like to gain, and curious questions that might be the kernel of a hypothesis, and sign up for our emails to find out more.

Summer 2021

We expect to be offering similar programs to last year in Water Quality, Bathymetrics, Bacteria, Bassing Beach Island Studies, Shellfish, Wetlands, and Marine Debris. Stand by for details — but start thinking about your interests and how you might become a credentialed CSCR researcher with skills. We expect to have some sessions that start at 7:00 (taking advantage of early summer sun and a fun leader) as well as midmorning (for Middle Schoolers) and afternoon sessions from which to choose. Make sure you get our emails for the latest on opportunities and registration. We will have programs for Middle School Students, “JV” and “Varsity High School Student Researchers” and possibly a few internships for college students too.

CSCR Varsity Researchers are defined as students earnestly committed to the project. They will use their interests to evolve into roles in which they can contribute uniquely to their research team and its project. As such, they will understand the context and relevance of their project. They will develop maps, slideshows, or webinars to present their project to authentic audiences, and may petition for credit from their schools. Along the way, we might add for parents, these researchers are likely to gain rich and unique content for their college and employment applications. More details will be coming soon.

Below is our information from 2020 which we will soon be updating for 2021.

If you have questions in the meantime, please email Mr. Buckley at

Prior to COVID-19, we anticipated a a very robust Spring and Summer set of projects, experiences, and adventures.  The image below shows a schedule offering 10 different programs and projects!

DUE TO ANTICIPATED COVID-19 RESTRICTIONS, we are planning to offer a very scaled down version of our full program.

The schedule above shows that we will offer 3 blocks of instruction with time dedicated for sanitizing equipment and surfaces.

The early morning block will be dedicated to bacteria and water quality monitoring in partnership with the Cohasset Board of Health and the MA Dept of Environmental Protection.

The mid morning program will be dedicated to our middle school program, the Jr Research program. Please see the Jr. Research page for more information.

The afternoon block will be dedicated to independent study on Mondays and Fridays (GIS, Marine Debris, Drifters, Eelgrass, etc) and our Watershed Research program that spans analysis of ecosystems from the headwaters to the harbor.