CSCR offers real-world project-based learning in the form of local research projects for students in grades 6-12+.

CSCR Varsity Researchers are defined as students earnestly committed to a research project. They use their interests to evolve into roles that allow them to contribute uniquely to their research team. They recognize the role of their research in the community and develop maps, presentations, videos, and other products to present their project to authentic audiences. They build portfolios to submit to their high school to earn academic recognition and they pursue a certificate of watershed stewardship from Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary, a CSCR program partner.

CSCR not only engages student teams in authentic research, CSCR provides individual students with unique experiences to leverage for academic honors (National Honor Society) college applications, scholarship opportunities, internships, and employment opportunities.

Students — get involved and find a role that makes your talents shine!

Fall 2021

Existing varsity research students are encouraged to meet (look for the turquoise sessions) to analyze the data they collected this summer, explore other related research, put their findings in context, record remaining curious questions, and begin creating a way of bringing this information to a wider audience. CSCR high school and middle school students should have received emails from regarding the session reservation form. If not, please contact

For new high school students, middle school students and community members, please see our Fall Program Descriptions, and register by clicking here.

Spring 2022 – A look ahead

Summer 2021 research participants will present their 2021 summer research findings at CSCR’s annual State of the Harbor event. Stay tuned for more information.

This is how you get great content for your college, scholarship and employment applications. Get involved and find a role that makes your personality shine.