Prior to COVID-19, we anticipated a a very robust Spring and Summer set of projects, experiences, and adventures.  The image below shows a schedule offering 10 different programs and projects!

DUE TO ANTICIPATED COVID-19 RESTRICTIONS, we are planning to offer a very scaled down version of our full program.

The schedule above shows that we will offer 3 blocks of instruction with time dedicated for sanitizing equipment and surfaces.

The early morning block will be dedicated to bacteria and water quality monitoring in partnership with the Cohasset Board of Health and the MA Dept of Environmental Protection.

The mid morning program will be dedicated to our middle school program, the Jr Research program. Please see the Jr. Research page for more information.

The afternoon block will be dedicated to independent study on Mondays and Fridays (GIS, Marine Debris, Drifters, Eelgrass, etc) and our Watershed Research program that spans analysis of ecosystems from the headwaters to the harbor.