Your Stewardship

CSCR depends upon your stewardship, your investment in education that actively engages students in hands-on environmental research.

Your stewardship builds the environmental awareness, civic engagement, and activism in our youth and in our community that our planet so desperately needs.

Your stewardship is a direct contribution to the environmental conservation and preservation of our fragile coastal ecosystems that our students champion.

We ask that you consider these stewardship choices.

$120 sustains our program at only $10 / month.

$450 is a matching tuition donation; your support at this level matches the tuition fee paid by our summer research families

$540 is our “magic number.” Fifty-four hours is the number of hours of one class of science in one quarter or term in high school. Students are eligible for course credit when they hit the magic number. Your support at this level supports the teachers who lead the students through this 54 hour journey.

$750 matches the year-round tuition fee paid by one CSCR student. Each matching contribution enables CSCR to maintain a cutting-edge science lab found in colleges and research institutions.

$1500 doubles the match of a year round tuition paid by one CSCR family. Support at this level enables CSCR to invest its resources in teacher training programs and provide professional development for our staff.

A $5000 – $10,000 contribution builds out our vision. We see a Chief Scientific Officer managing advanced student research projects, year round in a full time hybrid course of study integrated with high school and college.

Your donation will be processed on PayPal, the payment gateway that we currently use on the form. Once you have completed the donation form, you will redirected to PayPal to enter your credit card details.

Thank you so very much for your support!

Your Donation