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Students and teachers tell us we make a difference: 

I want to thank you for creating such a collaborative, warm environment for students in our town. CSCR has definitely shaped how I view learning. I thought that learning was only measured by tests or quizzes, but by being a part of CSCR, I learned [it’s] about making mistakes and problem solving to reach your goals.” -senior, class of ‘21

Whether you were in a kayak, canoe or research vessel, it was an inspiring day to learn about CSCR. What a valuable community resource! We look forward to connecting more of our students with the great work happening in Cohasset.” -Science Dept Chair, area high school, fall 2021 email

youR sUPPORT Makes a Difference, too!

CSCR leads the region in student focused, hands-on environmental education and research. We engage students in authentic community research experiences that promote lasting understanding of sustainability issues, build science competencies and passion, provide opportunities to cultivate leadership and stewardship skills, and engage students in the civic life of our communities. We are grateful for all donations. We thank you for supporting our work at the level of giving that is right for you.

Sustaining Sponsor: $120 (sustains capacity to keep our facility running)

Student Sponsor: $540 (supports capacity to serve students and offer scholarships)

Project Sponsor: $2,500 (impacts capacity to offer a variety of research projects)

Program Sponsor: $5,000 (supports expansion of program opportunities year round)

Tech Tools Sponsor: $7,500 (puts advanced lab and technology tools in students’ hands)

Staff Sponsor $10,000 (expands institutional capacity to thrive year round; allows us to implement our vision of semester long, academic year education programs for high school students who conduct advanced research with CSCR while earning college and career-advancing credentials.)

All donations to CSCR are tax deductible. Our Federal Tax ID or EIN number is 04-3404377.

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