Your Stewardship

CSCR leads the region in student focused, hands-on environmental education and research. We engage students in authentic community research experiences that promote lasting understanding of sustainability issues, build science competencies and passion, provide opportunities to cultivate leadership and stewardship skills, and engage students in the civic life of our communities. Your support sustains our mission.

We ask that you consider these stewardship choices.

$120 sustains our program at only $10 / month.

$250 doubles the gift that sustaining members give and provides a week of work toward the State of the Harbor.

$540 is the level of giving that supports our “varsity science” research teams. This gift matches the tuition we ask of our high school families to sustain our students and teachers through a rigorous 54 hour journey of immersive research.

$1000 enables CSCR to maintain a cutting-edge science lab found in colleges and research institutions, and sponsors student presentations at the State of the Harbor.

A $2500 – $10,000 contribution builds out our vision. We need this level of support to hire a Chief Scientific Officer managing advanced student research projects, year round in a full time hybrid course of study integrated with high school and college semesters.

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