54 Hours Course Credit

NOTICE: Any CSCR student interested in obtaining recognition from Cohasset Middle High School for research work associated with CSCR must petition Ed Savage for course credit. CSCR has no authority to confer school credit upon students. It is the sole prerogative of CMHS administrators to recognize CSCR student accomplishments. Likewise for all other private and public high schools.

Students petitioning their school must assemble a portfolio and submit to it to the appropriate administrator(s) for review. The portfolio should address the 3 basic requirements listed below. The portfolio should include both printed and electronic materials “packaged” in a manner that is user-friendly to any reviewer. Binders with pages in sleeves (as we use) work well.

  1. Evidence of 54 hours (minimum) of research work
  2. Signature of project leader(s) who are recommending course credit
  3. Research documentation (see details below)

Student Worksheet

Petition for Course Credit Request

Name: ______________________________ Total Hours submitted: __________

Project(s) ____________________________ Leader(s) _____________________

Evidence Submitted for Review

_____ Journal (handwritten or electronic)

_____ Your Research Question(s) / background research relevant to your project

_____ Field Work (data sheets, commentaries, observations, photos, videos)

_____ Lab Work (data sheets, research questions, internet research, photos, videos)

_____ Data (data spreadsheets, charts, graphs )

_____ Reports and Presentations (written documents, powerpoints, posters, website postings)

_____ Leader(s) signed statement or letter of support

Student statement of academic integrity: As a member of a research team, some of the materials in my portfolio have been produced by peers. I have endeavored to make clear that which is the product of my individual efforts. I am able to discuss my portfolio in detail regarding collaborative efforts and individual accomplishments. I am proud of my work submitted and attest by my signature that I seek recognition only for work that I actively produced as a member of the research team and as an individual citizen-scientist.

______________________ ___________

Signature date

For the student: Discuss these prompts with your project leaders BEFORE putting together a portfolio of evidence documenting that you believe you have earned course credit.

You need to show background research relevant to your project. Consider: what’s the purpose of the project? What’s the problem, issue, or concern being investigated? Is there a lot of information in the science community about this issue? For whom did you conduct your research? Is there a stakeholder (a group) in the community that wants your information?

You need to show that you completed lab work, field work, used equipment, and followed procedures. In addition to documenting this work with data sheets, consider describing and / or illustrating some of the equipment and procedures. Consider these questions: What protocols did you use and understand? What’s most important about a particular piece of equipment or procedure? What aspects of field and lab work did you become particularly skilled at using or doing? How come? Which ones are you least comfortable with, and why? What’s the obstacle to mastering that like you did the other(s)? How good is your data that you collected with these tools and techniques?

You have to document evidence about your field work. Field work is about location- time, place, and geography. Where was your work located? Consider creating maps. Considering reflecting on the geography of where you sampled, or studied. Is there any history there that impacted your research issues? How is the land used, abused, preserved, and or revered by people today? Can you describe the watershed characteristics of the place(s) where you did your research? Can you map it? Where and why are connected, are they not?

DATA. You have to document evidence that you did something with your data– and that you learned what your data says and doesn’t say. What did your data tell you about your research? What do you understand about turning data into graphs and charts? Was this difficult for you to do? What did you learn through this process?

You are part of a team, so you didn’t do everything yourself. You collaborated on the project as a member of a team. Did your team function as a team? Were you a part of a research team or just an individual who happened to be around other individuals doing the same thing as you? Would you describe yourself as a leader of the team? Why or why not? What skills did others have that you depended upon? What skills did you have that others needed or depended upon?

You’re not just a member of a research team, you’re first and foremost you, the individual. What part(s) of the project are “yours?” What did you take responsibility for doing? What’s unique and different and individual about your portfolio that you’re submitting for credit? What’s your “value-added” to the collaborative effort?

NEXT ACHIEVEMENT, next step: Putting together this 54 hour portfolio should illuminate a path forward for working with Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary (SBNMS) and requesting that they recognize your accomplishment of 160 hours. What documentation will you submit to SBNMS? 🙂