The “54 Hour” Portfolio

a student petition for research recognition

NOTE: CSCR collaborates with principals and science department chairs from area schools. CSCR has shared this portfolio guideline with area schools and it has been well received. Students who follow these guidelines, therefore, are positioned to be well received by school administrators when seeking recognition for their summer research. However, students and families need to understand that CSCR has no authority to confer school credit upon students. It is the sole prerogative of school administrators to recognize CSCR student accomplishments. 

Students petitioning their school for recognition must assemble a portfolio and submit to it to the appropriate administrator(s) for review.

The portfolio should address the 3 basic requirements listed below.

The portfolio should include both printed and electronic materials “packaged” in a manner that is user-friendly to any reviewer. Binders with pages in sleeves (as we use) work well.

  1. Evidence of 54 hours (minimum) of research work
  2. Signature of project leader(s) who are recommending research recognition
  3. Research documentation (see details below)

CLICK here to access the CSCR petition for recognition.