Our summer High School Research tuition fee is $390. See details below.

The CSCR Student Experience:

We run an 8-10 week research program that engages students 2 or 3 times a week for approximately 2.5 hours each meeting. We provide students with 40-50 hours of highly valuable educational experience for less than $10/hr.

Each students is engaged in field work, lab work, team discussion, data management, data analysis, record keeping, project management, and stakeholder engagement throughout the summer. We position students to earn course recognition from their local high school; we engage students in a network of professional scientists; we lead students to earn a certificate of stewardship from Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary; and we work with students to create portfolios of their work to leverage scholarships and admissions to National Honor Society, colleges, and employment, among other services. Quite honestly, there’s not a better program on the entire south shore that offers so much for such a modest fee.

Student Privileges

All of these privileges, and more, accrue to the student and family who share their hard-earned tuition dollars with CSCR.

✅ Participation as a Research Team member in one or more CSCR projects:

  • Access to quality lab equipment common to college and graduate school research programs.
  • Training in state-approved environmental science research protocols and practices.
  • Guided instruction for accessing supplemental training and research resources relevant to research projects.
  • Access to CSCR’s archived data and associated images, videos.

✅ Training in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) data collection and analysis:

  • One year publisher membership for ARCGIS mapping software.
  • Access to free online GIS tutorials created by ESRI, the global leader in geospatial science and geospatial data analysis.
  • Workshop opportunities at CSCR to join map projects for local gov’t and local groups.

✅ Conference Presentation Opportunities that include: 

  • CSCR’s State of the Harbor annual community forum
  • EPA Zosterapalooza (eel grass conference)
  • NOAA events
  • MIT Sea Grant events

✅ School Recognition, Credit and “Stream to Sanctuary” Certificate Opportunities:

  • Guided Counseling and Tutoring services to prepare and present a portfolio of research experience to federal personnel at Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary, a US Dept of Commerce program that is managed by our nation’s ocean and weather scientists at NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration).
  • Guided Counseling and Tutoring services to seek High School course credit or high school course recognition from the student’s local high school science dept.

✅ Personal College and Career Counseling services:

  • Support tracking hours worked at CSCR that can be applied to community service requirements.
  • Help designing an individual research bio for applications to National Honor Society, college, scholarship opportunities, and more.
  • Letters of recommendation, as requested.
  • Participation in online Zoom meetings with a host of professionals in science, government, college and university teaching that allows students to build their “social capital” by creating a professional network of adult contacts, acquaintances, and mentors.

Fall, Winter, and Spring Tuitions: Continuing to study with CSCR throughout the fall and winter (following a summer research project) carries an additional tuition fee of $250. Likewise, a student whose study with us begins with us in the winter months (Jan – April) prior to the start of summer research in May incurs a tuition of fee of $250.

Year Round Tuition: For families who know that their student will be working with us all year long, our tuition fee is only $750, a savings of $140 (15% discount).

See our Jr. Research page for information about our middle school program fees.