Middle School Spring 2023

June 14, 2023

Ella, Liv, Hannah, Luca, Fionn, Archer, CJ

Amelia, Susan

We looked at our ArcGIS map again, and took Canway GPS trackers out to the flats with us.  We were amazed to find how little flats was still uncovered by water, only an hour after low tide.  Some of the Canway GPS trackers did not blink, perhaps because they were 100% full, but attached is a screenshot and a link to the map we made from the ones that did work.  The straight line is the breakwater which we walked to check the calibration of our instruments.

June 7, 2023

Ella, Liv, Hannah, Julia, Luca, Fionn, Archer

Ada, Elsie, Amelia, Susan

We reviewed underwater footage from being on the flats last week – proved that we could hear motor boats going by in the channel, as follow-up to the ocean acoustics workshop at URI, and our experiments from prior week. 

Flats MS 230531-1.mp4

We reviewed underwater footage from varsity eelgrass researcher visit to the West side of Sheperd’s Ledge and proved that there wasn’t any in that location. Students noted that the bottom was sand and broken shells, some rock. We identified sea lettuce (Ulva), filamentous brown seaweed, kelp, and rockweed.

Eelgrass 230602 Shepherd’s Ledge MF FY TG.MP4

In contrast, the underwater footage (Eelgrass 230606 Nicks Cove CMI.mp4)  from just south of the middle rock in “Nick’s Cove” taken by the CMI rowing boat on June 6, 2023, proved that eelgrass looks mostly healthy there. No evidence of reproduction and no black lesions.  One leaf looked light and had growth on it. Two small snails, one fish, some kelp pieces.

Transitioning to mapping, we found our location on two different maps and noticed the difference and then went to the top of Beacon Rock to have a view of the Gulf River where it flows into Cohasset Harbor. We imagined what Beacon Rock may have been used for in the lighthouse years, and the pre-colonial, pre-map days. 

We tested our ArcGIS Survey 123 called Draft 1 Junior Researchers on 3 CSCR phones, and added points of interest, including a Pepperidge Farm goldfish in a tiny puddle atop the rock to amuse people looking at our data.  This will help us understand the accuracy and limitations of this phone based ap.

On paper and ArcGIS maps we explored how far the different forks of this Gulf River body of water went – all the way to Lily Pond, the Aaron River Reservoir, and Misquashicut Pond and a marsh that the Scituate kids recognized – going under roadways and sometimes under houses even to get there. On our CSCR Middle Schooler Map, https://ccscr.maps.arcgis.com/apps/mapviewer/index.html?webmap=b4b4ee791de94ed1b4fa9f8e99d6b5c1, we chose animals to serve as our symbols to indicate the far reaches that are connected to the Cohasset Estuary. 

We also realized that as local kids we might have more information about our local map than even the map-makers.  So we’ll hone our ArcGIS skills and make sure our equipment is accurate so we can contribute our knowledge to the internet-based maps.

To do in future sections: watersheds, ArcGIS accounts, make your own map, make our own survey. Upload the canway tracks we made, check to see if more than 6 dots made it onto the top of Beacon Rock.

May 31, 2023

Ella, Liv, Archer, Luca, CJ, Hannah

Susan, Ada, Elsie, Amelia

With varying arrival times, we deposed these 2 beautiful oyster catchers from their low-tide sand flats island. Hannah paced out the perimeter and marked it in the sand, and discovered that indeed the tide was coming in. Gopro deployed astern in the channel, and on second trip out in southern edge of previous eelgrass beds. Wading on the flats the students found crabs and shrimp.

May 24, 2023

Fionn, Ella, Liv, Julia, Archer, Luca, CJ, Hannah, Tyler, Grayson, Andrew


Inspired by the Ocean Acoustics workshop in Rhode Island, we used gopros to determine if their microphones would work as hydrophones, and if we could detect our own percussion from the dock.  We also collected fouling organisms from under the dock and contributed them to the aquarium that the Cohasset Osgood School Second Graders had started including an American eel.

May 17, 2023

Fionn, Archer, Luca, Julia, CJ


Low tide biodiversity explorations at Parker Avenue:  Look what we’ve plated up for measurement and added to  https://www.inaturalist.org/home!

May 8th, 2023

Archer, Luca


Used maps to determine where we were and how to get to the Weymouth Herring Run and set off to see this seventh wonder of the world.  Our footage is up on youtube, and the wardens of Weymouth Herring Run posts updates on their facebook page.

May 3rd, 2023

CJ, Luca, Nathan


Looked at eelgrass tank experiments and filmed a record of observations for the eelgrass team.  Minnow traps and low tide explorations.