Where are they now?

Hear from and read about former CSCR students:

conormichaudatcscrlabConor Michaud, GIS analyst, water quality team, microbiology team leader:

“I’m now the Community Stewardship Program Coordinator at the Wildlands Trust. I have a substantial amount of gratitude for CSCR where I developed my scientific passions, and now I have the opportunity to work with local communities protecting land.”

“Thanks to CSCR, I got an internship with the Toxic Use Reduction Institute in Lowell. The chemical engineers I worked for were really interested in learning about my water quality monitoring work with CSCR.”

Amby Tierney, left, Dartmouth College; Matt Lucitt, right, University of Southern California, work together processing nitrate samples in the lab.
Mitchell Buckley, left, UMass Amherst BioChem major (junior) working with Kelsey McCunney analyzing chl-a samples with a fluorometer, a device used to measure parameters of visible spectrum fluorescence. Kelsey is a graduate student pursuing a career in nursing.