Where are they now?

Hear from and read about former CSCR students:

conormichaudatcscrlabConor Michaud, GIS analyst, water quality team, microbiology team leader:

“I’m now the Community Stewardship Program Coordinator at the Wildlands Trust. I have a substantial amount of gratitude for CSCR where I developed my scientific passions, and now I have the opportunity to work with local communities protecting land.”

“Thanks to CSCR, I got an internship with the Toxic Use Reduction Institute in Lowell. The chemical engineers I worked for were really interested in learning about my water quality monitoring work with CSCR.”

A sprinkling of CSCR’s notable alumni

·       Ross Lappen, Thoreau Scholar and Research Professor

·       Kaitlyn Pritchard, US Fish and Wildlife Service, Congressional Affairs

·       Morgan McCarthy, PhD candidate, marine mammal genetics; CSCR YouTube lecture

·       Toby (CEO) and Tristram Norman (CTO), Simprints, global health care nonprofit

·       Megan Richardson, Thoreau Scholar, Engineer, MIT Labs

·       August Oddleifson, Public Health specialist, author of testimonial below.


Amby Tierney, left, Dartmouth College; Matt Lucitt, right, University of Southern California, work together processing nitrate samples in the lab.
Mitchell Buckley, left, current research assistant at Brigham and Women’s Neurodegenerative Drug Discovery Lab, working with Kelsey McCunney, current high school bio teacher, analyzing chl-a samples with a fluorometer, a device used to measure parameters of visible spectrum fluorescence.

University of Michigan School of Public Health, Master of Science

Ashley is now a Quality Lab Supervisor with an academic track record that has always included water quality since her days at CSCR and Thoreau Scholar work. Given her thesis in grad school, the impact of biofilm development in point-of-use water filters on water quality, focusing on microbial community structure, she’s a perfect fit for her current work.