Past Events

Rob Moir: Sinking Ocean

Wednesday, November 6, 2019 7-8pm EST

The guest speaker of this CSCR seminar and discussion sesion is Rob Moir, Executive Director of the Ocean River Institute. Rob Moir will discuss ‘Sinking Ocean’.

The ocean is under assault on a number of fronts. Two of the most egregious are excessive nitrogen that feeds harmful algal blooms to create ocean dead zones, and excessive carbon dioxide (climate change) that is making the waters more acidic. To save the ocean we need to better understand it, become more ocean literate. We must also be respectful of the awesome amount we do not know. Discover what you can do in your backyard and out into communities to save the ocean. Dr. Moir will illustrate his talk with images from last summer’s sail from Iceland across the Denmark Strait to Nuuk, Greenland.


robmoirRob Moir, Ph.D. is a scientist, activist, and educator (former science teacher) with a proven history of institutional management and marine policy success. Dr. Moir has a Ph.D. in Environmental Studies, Masters of Science and Teaching from Antioch University New England, a B.A. from Hampshire College, and certificates of studies from the Marine Biological Laboratory in Woods Hole and the USC Wrigley Institute on Catalina Island. He is Executive Director of the Ocean River Institute (, writes Clam Chowdah Blog (, Treasurer of Global Warming Solutions IE-PAC (, and Senior Adviser for Entelligent (, the next generation solution for low carbon impact investing.

Fall Clean Up and Cook Out 2019

October 19, 2019 – 9am to 3pm: Thorough Cleanup of CSCR facility and equipment inside and out. 

For students, this is a fun and rewarding opportunity to collect required volunteer hours! Once you register, we will send out a separate email where you can sign up for your preferred time slot.

For adults, this is a great opportunity to lend support to a vibrant community organization that needs a hand making the facility ship shape. Let us know if you have a pick up and an RTF (dump) sticker and are willing to take a recycling run. 

October 20, 2019 – 12pm to 2pm: Enjoying our nice clean venue with a yummy Cookout

In line with Greta Thunberg and her followers’ Fridays for Future movement (even though this event is planned for a Sunday…), how about being conscious of the three big “Fs” – fuel, fashion, food:

  • Saving fuel by walking or biking to 40 Parker, if you can; carpool if you can’t.
  • Showing your fashion sense by wearing your more durable clothes; no need to get gussied up- come and kick back in the comfy clothes that you’ll never give up!
  • Being food-aware by eating less meat; instead enjoy delicious veggie burgers and dogs at the cook-out. (If you’ve not yet considered how important this step is to addressing our climate crisis, read Jonathan Safran Foer’s “We Are the Weather.“)

Plan to bring your side dish, drink, or dessert in a reusable, environmentally friendly container! 

Remember our ‘Give 5‘ campaign? Try to forward this invite to five friends who are not yet familiar with CSCR and its great program! And each student or adult, who brings along two or more (five?) friends interested in joining CSCR will get a free CSCR T-shirt!