Watershed and Water Quality

Students collect water samples at various watershed? locations in (and around?) Cohasset and conduct bacteria monitoring and chemical analyses of the watershed that from the fresh water that feeds Cohasset Harbor to the ocean water that supplies our beaches. The water samples are brought to our lab are tested by the students for E. Coli, total coliform bacteria, ph, chorophyll a and optical brighteners. Students work with a variety? Of lab equipment, for example with a Turner Designs fluorometer (pictured) nitrate analysis. Fluorometry is used in biochemistry for measuring the intensity of fluorescence and absorbance when light passes through a liquid (water sample), CSCR nitrate analysis helps us understand if there’s too much bio-chem productivity- a condition that causes algae blooms that result in a reduction of life in an ecosystem. We do math in real life, for sure! We record the results and represent our findings at the Annual State of the Harbor.

Student collecting a water sample to be tested at our lab.
Turner Designs Fluorometer