A Newer Point of View

Written by Audrey Jones

I’m going to be a freshman this year and this is my first year doing CSCR. I’m part of the eelgrass and watershed teams. In the mornings I am part of expeditions in search of eelgrass and working on an eelgrass growing experiment. While doing this I learn how to use the software and equipment necessary for many scientific projects. I also get experience putting ideas into and helping the group during different times. In the afternoon I am part of excursions to different parts of the gulf river watershed to test and take samples. On other days we test water for nitrates, chlorophyll-a, optical brighteners, and bacteria. We also upload and organize the data that we collect throughout the rest of the week. In every moment of CSCR there is something to learn and I have highly enjoyed being a part of the eelgrass and watershed teams this summer.

Above: Audrey collecting a water sample at Musquashcut Brook

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