Intern Summer Reflections (Part 1)

As the summer comes to an end, our interns have reflected on their time at CSCR. Read what they have to say about their intern experiences below

This summer, I’ve had the pleasure of working at CSCR in a variety of capacities, gaining experience in data collection, lab management, and communications. I’ve appreciated the opportunity to explore the many aspects of running an education-based non-profit organization, and as I continue along my career path, I am more confident in my abilities as a leader, educator, and creative problem solver. Being an intern at CSCR this summer has allowed me to apply my knowledge in environmental science and education, putting my skills into action. My summer highlights include deploying conductivity loggers for the Road Salt Pollution Research project, extracting chlorophyll-a from water samples with the Watershed team, and starting the CSCR blog. I am grateful for my time at CSCR and everyone who made it such a positive experience.

Claire Gabel, Mount Holyoke College ’22

An opportunity for an internship here at CSCR has been one of the best learning experiences I have had in a while. As an environmental science major who is interested in oceanography, I have had the opportunity to go out into the field and collect bacteria, plankton, chlorophyll, and YSI data samples, as well as work in the lab with students and other interns. I even developed a protocol for plankton counting that was named after me. I managed lots of data, working with physical data sheets and entering them into Excel files, uploading YSI data, and identifying and ridding any outliers on graphs we developed. My main takeaway from this experience is all that I have learned, including ArcGIS, bacteria testing patterns and techniques, and more tools to use in oceanography. It was a really fun experience going out on the boat in the morning and interacting with students, and I’m glad I got the opportunity to be here.

Matthew Tobin, UMass Boston ’23

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